Spaceship Combat is an actual Atari 2600 game you can play emulated in your browser with the awesome Javatari emulator. I mainly made it just to see if I could. It is based on a much earlier QBasic game I made while a high school student in the mid 90's. Except this version offers a rudimentary (but challenging) AI enemy and multiple game modes that the original did not.

*To get started, click the 'Game Select' toggle switch on the console to choose game Mode, and press fire(space) to start the game.


Fire button (either controller) - Start game

Game Select Switch:

  1. Space Combat - player vs computer
  2. Space Combat - player vs player
  3. Target Practice - player vs computer
  4. Target Practice - player vs player

Fire button (either controller) - Start game / Shoot missile (only when moving left or right)

Joystick - Change ship direction 90 degrees

Space Combat Mode:

The goal is to destroy the other space ship.

Power-ups appear occsionally during the game.

If a powerup is not collected within 10 seconds it will explode, potentially causing damage to nearby ships.
Also, shooting a powerup will cause it to explode.

Target Practice Modes:


The AI in target practice mode is nearly impossible to beat...This mode was more of an afterthought so you're probably better off playing a 2 player game by yourself, or with a friend.